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How Affiliate Marketing Beginners Build
The Best Online Businesses At Home. 

...with the golden link lifestyle business

Hi! We are Sheanice & Ashli. 

Cousins on a mission to live life on our own terms.

For Sheanice, the motivation has been freedom to travel for the purpose of emotional healing and rediscovering joy and purpose in life. Read her story here. {#digitalnomad}

For Ashli, the motivation is to more thoroughly savor motherhood and spend more time soaking up the short-lived moments with her two toddlers. Read her story here .{#momlife}

For some of you finding yourself here on this page, your motivation to search
affiliate marketing programs may be completely different. 

✦ It may be about the time freedom to become a caregiver for a family member.
✦ You might be looking for a side hustle to find your way out of piles of debt.
✦Perhaps you're looking to earn seed money for your great business idea.

This is an online business easy to start and one of the best online businesses at home. Whatever your “why” is, We know that you can find success in affiliate marketing
if you’re willing to put in the effort to learn and implement your new skills.

Unlocking financial, location, and time freedom is possible. 

creative oasis marketing team

The Elevate marketing program...

is your key to both learning and launching your affiliate marketing business so you can earn passive income and unlock all three levels of freedom in your life.
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You will be taken to the Elevate website through our affiliate link. See below for the free bonuses we offer. 

Here's exactly what you get

With The Elevate Program

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Learn step-by-step from top affiliates!
✔︎ E-course: Elevate
How to use the power of the internet to
unlock all three levels of freedom.
✔︎ Private Facebook Group
How to find the accountability
you need on your journey.
✔︎ Live Q&A Sessions
How to avoid roadblocks to your success.
✔︎ Powerful Foundations Training
How to prime your mind for success.

As well as these Incredible Bonuses...

(The key to quick start affiliate marketing beginners)

Bonus #1
✔︎ Private Affiliate Platform
Eliminate the need to search for profitable products.
As an Elevate course member, you also have access to a private high-ticket e-course affiliate platform, which is your quick solution to find high-ticket affiliate products to promote. Put your new skills to use right away and start earning top commissions. This is a growing platform with products available in multiple niche markets from business, parenting, healthy lifestyle, and more. 
Bonus #2
✔︎ Elevate Tech Team
The answer to your technical challenges.
When you promote products from the Elevate platform, you also have access to built-for-you product sales funnels and follow-up email sequences. You can get started quickly focusing on building your audience, without learning complicated website and email building programs.

But wait...there's more! ☺︎

When you sign-up through our affiliate link, we personally want to help you jumpstart your success with some of the knowledge and resources we've picked up on our journey. These bonuses will help affiliate marketing beginners master the world of affiliate marketing.  

Here's exactly what you're going to get from us

When You Sign-up Through Our Link

affiliate marketing beginners bonuses
 ​✔︎ Elevate New Member Guide (PDF)
The top mistakes new Elevate members make and how to avoid them.
This PDF guide for Elevate newbies holds the keys for you to learn what to avoid from veteran Elevate members and find your freedom faster. 
 ​✔︎ New Entrepreneur Tips (Video Compilation)
Important things U.S. based entrepreneurs should know. 
These tips make it a snap to learn the basics of business entities, taxes, and legalities. Start your business on the right foundation, so you are prepared to grow.
 ​✔︎ The Copywriters Handbook (E-book)
The online marketer's guide to the basics of copywriting.
This e-book is your quick start to learning the right words to use to promote your affiliate product. Avoid the common pitfalls of beginners that have no copywriting knowledge, so you can move forward quickly.
 ​✔︎ The Alchemist (E-book) 
An inspirational parable about self-discovery and following your dream.
This book is a popular favorite of entrepreneurs all over the world. This inspirational story makes it easy for you to consider and define the personal reasons for embarking on your entrepreneurial journey. When you know your “why” you can stay better focused on your mission to find freedom.

Act now and get these Incredible Bonuses...

(More solutions to market this business and any other online businesses at home)

Bonus # 1
 ​✔︎ Instagram Marketing Secrets (E-book & Videos)
How to build an audience and market your products on Instagram.
This e-book and video training is your guidebook for getting started on Instagram. Find new audiences on instagram to promote your product and change more lives. 
Bonus # 2
 ​✔︎ TikTok Marketing (E-book & Videos)
Leverage the explosive growth of TikTok to market your product.
This TikTok Marketing e-book and video training helps you to navigate the world of TikTok to expand your reach and find new audiences that are looking for what your affiliate product offers. 
Jumpstart your success in Elevate with our bonus offers.

This will take you through our affiliate link to the Elevate website. Our bonuses are sent after we confirm your purchase with the Elevate team. This is usually within a few days. 
Rumor has it that the group could close for new members once it reaches a 
certain number. Get started today before it’s too late!
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Affiliate Marketing Explained

(Your questions about affiliate marketing programs)

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is simply the process of promoting someone else’s product and receiving a commission for the buying customers that you refer. In the Elevate community, we refer to this as becoming the “golden link” to connect great products to the right people that are already looking for an answer to the problem that these products solve. Simply connecting buyers and sellers.

The process is quite similar to a brick & mortar company that pays sales representatives a commission to sell their products. Product creators need marketing to be successful. Affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses to invest in. Get started today and become a golden link hero. 
Is affiliate marketing just a temporary trend?
Marketing has always been an important part of business. A business can make a great product, but it will never be successful until it gets in front of the right audience.
Businesses need marketing to succeed. They are willing to share a piece of their profits for help to get their products in front of people. Sometimes this takes the form of printed advertisements or billboards. Sometimes this takes the form of hiring a sales team that works for commissions.

With the worldwide reach of the internet and growth of social media, this has now taken on the marketing form of influencers or affiliates. Companies are happy to pay a commission to people that can successfully connect them with the right customers that are looking for what their product can offer.

It may evolve and change forms over the years, but as long as there are products, marketing will always be needed. We believe affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses at home. You have the opportunity to learn how to become the golden link in any online industry. 
Can I really make money?
Yes! If you are willing to learn the skills and put in the effort, there is no limit to your income potential as well as the potential for that income to become mainly passive over time. One long-time Elevate member recently reported 68 sales in one month. With high-ticket sales, that equates to more than most people make in a year.

It's important to understand that this is not just easy money. You must put in the work to build your business to that place. With affiliate marketing programs like Elevate, even affiliate marketing beginners will find it's one of the best online businesses to invest in and an online business easy to start.
Who is Elevate for?
Affiliate marketing beginners will be right at home inside Elevate. There is also a place in this affiliate marketing programs for those that have some experience and want to learn more and join a community of like-minded people. Entrepreneurship comes with great rewards but it also requires a measure of resilience to conquer challenges and solve problems.

This is truly one of the best businesses at home but it does require someone that is willing to learn, grow, and keep pressing on to the goal. Someone that truly wants financial, location, and time freedom and will not give up until they get there. Are you that person? 
Will running a business take away from my family time?
In the beginning stages, the business does take time to learn and build. The flexibility is always there to allow you to work on this adventure as much or as little as your able. Why not make this a family project and teach your children the power of entrepreneurship? You might be surprised what they can offer to the project. Using the Elevate affiliate marketing programs strategies, there is potential to eventually turn this into a lucrative passive income stream. 
What is the cost of Elevate?
With the value of the training and the built-in potential to earn high commissions, there is a cost involved with the Elevate affiliate marketing programs. Don’t be overwhelmed by the cost. The course has the potential to pay for itself with high commission earnings.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses to invest in. Elevate also offers payment plans to ease the burden of starting. The different options available can be discussed on your initial interview call. Signing-up with our link today, you also get our value packed bonuses for free!
Is this just another "MLM, direct sales, consultant business" or scam?
Elevate is an affiliate marketing course. There are no up-lines, down lines or specific products that you are required to sell. The program teaches skills that you could use to market anything. Nowadays, most companies, both large and small, have affiliate marketing programs available where you could use these new skills to make commissions. 

Elevate does provide members with access to their platform of high ticket e-courses, from a variety of creators, where commissions can be earned (including from the Elevate course itself). This is similar to completing a paid internship as part of a college course. It is simply an easy way for you to get started testing out your marketing skills. It's a great system to help affiliate marketing beginners to launch their new online business. The built in platform also makes it a great online business easy to start. 
Here's everything you get when
you join Elevate today: 
resources for businesses at home
From Elevate: 
✔︎ Elevate E-course
✔︎ Elevate Private Facebook Group
✔︎ Elevate Live Q&A Sessions 
✔︎ Elevate Foundations Training
✔︎ Private High-Ticket Affiliate Platform
✔︎ Elevate Tech Team
✔︎ and more...as the program grows!
Special Bonuses From Us:
✔︎ Elevate New Members Guide
✔︎ New U.S. Based Entrepreneur Tips
✔︎ The Copywriters Handbook
✔︎ The Alchemist E-book
✔︎ Instagram Marketing Secrets Training
✔︎ TikTok Marketing Training
Do you want more freedom in your life?  
Link redirects you to the Elevate website through our affiliate link. We will send our bonuses after we confirm your purchase with the Elevate team. This is usually within a few days. 
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