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Design the life you really want...

How to build your path to freedom with affiliate
marketing, even if you're brand new.  

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Are you feeling...

Trapped In Your Life?

text written on napkin that says "the same old thinking"
Are you tired of working for a boss where you have to:
ask permission for time off…
feel chained to a desk for certain hours…
deal with co-worker drama…

Are you:
feeling lost in debt…
feeling there is more to life…
Are you frustrated about:
no time to spend on what you’re really passionate about…
missing precious moments with your young children…

Are you looking for a way to:
work from anywhere…
pay down debts…
control your own time...
text written on napkin that says "the same old results"

The internet is a massive place of business opportunity

but you feel like a little fish in a big ocean
photo of a goldfish
You feel overwhelmed with options and no idea how to weed through them all. You're in a place where you can see possibility but you have friends and family that don't believe your vision is actually possible.
You struggle with your own doubts about your abilities to learn something new. You're scared of falling into internet scams or wasting your precious time and money on trial and error experiments that don't work.
After years of trying, I was beyond discouraged and fearful that I would be stuck forever in a job that controlled too much of my life. I met other people that were succeeding online and saw the possibility, but didn't know which path to take to get there. 
I found a lot of "learning experiences" (failures, mis-steps, waste of time, waste of money) on my search.
Eventually, I found an online business concept that truly has the potential to build passive income over time.

Now, with my Oasis Builders Membership, I want to show YOU how to find success online.
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Las Canteras, Canary Islands, Spain, 2018

Hi, I'm Sheanice

An online entrepreneur making the
world my office
After a medical diagnosis of anxiety and depression, I became more desperate to make some drastic changes in my life.

I discovered that I found joy and purpose in travel and overseas volunteer work. I wanted freedom to design my own days with focus on mental and emotional healing.

The problem was that I couldn’t find a good permanent job position that was fully remote.

I also had a deep-seated fear of failure in entrepreneurship. I had already experienced failure of a brick and mortar store front years prior. I was scared to try again.

So, I went the traditional route and dove back into education to add a third degree to my collection. Then I managed to land some interviews. But...anxiety...interviews...not good. 🤦‍♀️

Eventually, I had enough. I left my long-term accounting position and jumped head first into finding my place in online business.

Now I'm on a mission to guide 100 people to freedom in 2021. 

Imagine Your Own New Lifestyle.

Picture you and your lap top working at a desk in a high rise overlooking Waikiki… 🏖

Envision closing your laptop mid-day to take your kids to the park… 👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👧‍👦

Think about less stress in your life and more time to focus on your health... 🧘🏽‍♀️

Consider the idea of making enough extra money to finally pay off your car loan… 🚙
clearly lit up beach pathway
These things could be a reality with a thriving internet business.

Anyone resourceful can eventually create a path in affiliate marketing.

But don't waste your precious time and resources finding that path. I would love to hand you a light to walk down the pathway that I already carved.
Use that extra time to get your system in place sooner, so you can grow and build on it!
Become a lifetime member of my 
private resource platform:
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Oasis Builder

product of oasis builder resources
This private membership includes a large collection of resources to guide you on your online business journey, so you can begin earning passive income and building your life of freedom.  
For a limited time, you can become a lifetime member for the introductory discounted rate. 

Here's what you get: 

Three levels filled with access to informative e-books, videos, action steps, and accountability to keep you moving forward. 
Start your path to get from an idea to your first commissions.
product of level 1 oasis builder resources
Level 1: Establishing Your Business
How to get started in internet marketing without a website.
Five lessons, each filled with e-books, videos and action steps to establish the base of your new business. 
(Instant access to get started today.)
(value $100+)
photo of level 2 oasis builder resources
Level 2: Building Your Influence
How to create consistent content and gain your audience.
Five lessons, each filled with e-books, videos and action steps to help you build your customer base and increase sales. 
(Level will be released Mar 1, 2021.)
(value $100+)
photo of level 3 oasis builder resources
Level 3: Expanding Your Reach
How to build your first website and get people to it. 
Five lessons, each filled with e-books, videos and action steps to build your first website and grow your business. 
(Level will be released Apr 1, 2021.)
(value $100+)

Plus these great bonuses:

✔︎ #1: Personal Accountability
How to stay motivated and get past road blocks
I will personally check-in with you each week (3 months) via email to track progress and provide suggestions.
✔︎ #1: Entrepreneurship 101
Our growing collection of tips that every new entrepreneur should know...from self-employment taxes (U.S. based) to business strategy.
The sooner you start the journey

The quicker you
reach your oasis

photo of a desert oasis
One payment gets you lifetime access. Don't wait! 
Right here, right now is the cheapest price
I offer for this membership. 
One time payment $97 $74
satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not happy with any product that you purchase directly from me, contact me within 7 days from purchase date for a full refund. I want to always bring real value that helps you succeed at online business. If you don't find value, I don't deserve your money. 
woman looking out at the ocean
Playa de Mogan

Find Your Life of Freedom

Affiliate marketing is a proven income method that can help you work for yourself, pay off debts, and find the freedom to design your days. 

But it does take time to build and grow. You won't have tomorrow what you don't start building today.

So, become an Oasis Builder and get started creating your future now!

"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water." 
(Rabindranath Tagore)
Create your oasis!

Here's Everything You Get

to build your online business
photo of oasis builder resources
✔︎ Level 1: Establishing Your Business (value $100+)
✔︎ Level 2: Building Your Influence (value $100+)
✔︎ Level 3: Expanding Your Reach (value $100+)
Plus these great bonuses:
✔︎ Bonus #1: Personal Accountability
✔︎ Bonus #2: Entrepreneurship 101
Total value over $300
One time payment $97 $74
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