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This Proven Marketing Method Is An Online Business Easy To Start

Written by Sheanice on Jan 26, 2021
affiliate marketing provides a wealth of opportunity, even for marketing beginners. it's a legitimate concept and proven method to create a profitable online business from home. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work? 

Affiliate marketing in its simplest form is a partnership between a business or product creator and an internet marketer. Because of the mass size of the internet world and the huge need for marketing help, even affiliate marketing beginners can find their place in the industry. 

The availability of affiliate marketing programs makes this process even easier. For a piece of the sales profit, affiliate marketers take the role of becoming the valuable link to connect consumers and products. It’s a simple concept and an online business easy to start at home with unlimited earnings potential.

How does it work?
1. Sign-up for affiliate programs
2. Promote products online
3. Receive Commissions for sales
 linking customers and products

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Important

One word...traffic. It’s one of the most important factors for success online. Successful product creators and businesses know they need a good marketing strategy. If they can’t get their products in front of customers, then they can’t make sales. 

In past ages, marketing included things like newspapers, billboards, snail mail, and television ads. These avenues still have a place in marketing, but are quickly losing popularity. Years past, websites were optional. Now, to really grow and succeed, businesses need an online presence through websites, sales funnels, google rankings, and multiple social media accounts. 

Internet marketing can be quite overwhelming to business owners (especially small businesses). Many are increasingly including affiliate marketing programs into their core marketing strategies. Good businesses are well budgeted for advertising expenses and they are more than happy to share part of their sales profit with affiliate marketers that can bring in new customers and new sales. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership. Not only is affiliate marketing a legit and profitable business, it is a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes. This brings great opportunities for affiliate marketing beginners to start an online business right at home with little to no investment. 
ships sailing together to resemble partnership

When Affiliate Marketing Started

The creation of affiliate marketing is credited and patented by a man named William J Tobin in 1989 (, "affiliate marketing"). However, it’s not a new concept. Revenue sharing, the off-internet version of affiliate marketing was in practice long before the internet began (, "Revenue Sharing").

One way to think about the idea is to consider an old school non-internet-based business that pays commissioned sales representatives to go out and sale their products. Think of the old days of door-to-door salesmen. It’s a common practice in the business world and has been for ages. The internet has just expanded this opportunity to more people.

Yes, this also brings to mind the idea of independent consultant companies such as Avon, Arbonne, and more. Many people have hesitations to these kinds of programs because they tend to be very limited in product earnings, high inventory requirements and more focus on building a pyramid sales team.

This is not what the affiliate marketing concept is about. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate service-based business with no limitations to specific company products, no inventory requirements and no pyramid teams. Affiliate marketers simply get paid for providing a marketing service for a partner business client.

It is important to note that many affiliate marketing beginners participate in affiliate marketing programs to learn valuable skills. In turn, they may also later promote these same programs for a commission. Many times, this gets a negative view from audiences that view it as a “pyramid scheme.” Again, this is simply providing a marketing service for the creators of the program. Keep in mind that any consumer that has used and truly valued a product (in this case the affiliate marketing student) will be more successful at sharing its value to others.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing For? 

Entrepreneurship in general requires a level of discipline, resilience and good problem-solving abilities. This is one of the best online businesses at home, but that does not mean it’s without effort and challenges.

We are all consumers. We have product experience and opinions. We know what products we like and regularly purchase. Even without a marketing degree or background, YOU have the power to influence others on their purchasing decisions. When was the last time you recommended a good restaurant to a friend? When was the last time you raved about how much a new tech item improved your life or how great a new shampoo made your hair feel? You have influence.

Affiliate marketing is an online business easy to start. Affiliate marketing beginners can turn their basic influencing power into a profitable side hustle or online business career by learning the skills needed to build bigger audiences, locate the best products, and write good sales copy.

The internet provides a wealth of resources to learn these techniques, but it’s quite easy to be paralyzed by information overload. This is why it’s a good idea to participate in affiliate marketing programs.
you have purchase influence

Are Affiliate Marketing Courses Really Worth It?

Affiliate marketing programs are absolutely a good idea! Why attempt to navigate rough seas on your own when you can ride with an expert that already knows how to read the tides, direct the vessel, and avoid the storms?  It just doesn’t make good sense.

Even if you’re tight on funds, look for free resources like blog articles or library books about internet marketing. Join facebook groups. Find a way to learn from others that have already done their time as affiliate marketing beginners is a great way to jump start success and avoid some of the pitfalls of trial-and-error learning.

Affiliate marketing is an online business easy to start but it still takes some time to research and learn good technique and strategy. People spend hundreds to thousands on the latest tech gadgets to make their lives easier. People go into debt for a college education. Anything that teaches you new skills is a valuable resource to invest in. 

The improvements that can be made to your life by building one of the best online businesses at home is worth the investment. 

Where to Start Affiliate Marketing.

Marketing without a website is the easiest way to start out for affiliate marketing beginners. Social media platforms are essential to online business success. Starting with social media marketing provides for a smaller learning curve. Most people are already active on at least one social media platform and already familiar with how that platform works.

This also allows opportunity for affiliate marketing beginners to practice good copy writing skills (in shorter versions) while also building a valuable audience. Easy access to social media audiences is one of the reasons affiliate marketing is an online business easy to start. There are many affiliate marketing programs that focus specifically on how to best leverage the power of individual social media platforms.

Places to promote affiliate products:
Social Media
Websites, Funnels, Blogs
Email Marketing
Paid Advertisements
affiliate marketing beginners word cloud

Will Affiliate Marketing Die?

Although the world of digital marketing will change over the years, the internet is here to stay. As long as businesses need to sell products, affiliate marketing will be a legitimate money-making opportunity. It’s a great, lasting, online business to invest in.

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